When writing, remember to include the basic parts or structural components of the paragraph. Also check for your actual use of writing skills that may not fall under components or parts of a great paragraph.

TS - Topic Sentence - Include a Topic, Claim, and Source Reference.
SD - Multiple Supporting Details - This includes the example or examples from the story with your explanation. Delve into your thoughts. The magic number is three.
Qu - Quotes from sources when possible - cite correctly.
T - Transitions - Use these to help your reader and you move smoothly from idea to idea.
CS - Concluding Sentence - While trying to add an additional bit of information, refocus your reader on your topic and claim using synonyms when possible.

Other Helpful Skills:
V - Voice - Work on finding your voice as you read to bring life to your writing - Make your writing have your own unique speaking voice! This bring energy.
G - Grammar - Do your best to be error free with sentencing, punctuation, capitalization, usage, and spelling!
P - Purpose - Be clear on what you are writing about before, during, and after writing.
A - Audience - Reflect before you write remembering who you are writing for to gear your thoughts and words to that audience.
LU - Language Use - Write using sentence variety and stylistic sophistication of word choice and blend of ideas.

PS - Plot Summary - Do not simply retell the story as your explanation of your claim. Briefly highlight a detail and explain how it supports your claim.
PV - Passive Voice - This involoves writing using the form of the verb "be" including linking verbs is, are, was, and were.
Q - Quality is poor - Be careful to not simply write a quick paragraph that does not follow the directions or the topic.
F - Focus - Stay on topic. Do not get sidetracked by trying to retell or just connect to yourself personally.
FI - Faulty Information - Remember to use evidence taken straight from the source to explain and develop your claim.

Positive Remarks:
IM - Improving - You have shown specific improvement in one of the above catagories from one writing to the next.
AW - Awesome - These paragraphs essentially show a control of all parts of the paragraph as wel as articulate delivery of message.
S+ - Supporting Details Plus - When a paragraph stands out, it has supported the claim in the topic sentence with the best evidence from the text.
W - Weave - Ideas have been woven together seemlessly to produce a unified argument brilliantly supporting the claim.
AV - Active Voice - The best writers use concise language involving active verbs to clarify the subject and the details/explanations.
T+ - Topic Sentences Plus - Topic Sentence clearly articulates the topic, source, and claim.